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Élan by ACHAT

Accelerate. Professionalize. Empower.

Élan by ACHAT is a hub of expertise in collective housing, with the mission to accelerate the professionalization of nonprofit organizations committed to delivering and managing a constant supply of housing units in a generational pact and territorial development logic.

Vision and Objectives

  1. Sharing top expertise, business strategies, and existing resources in the ecosystem;
  2. Achieving economies through expansion and maximizing the impact of long-term investments;
  3. Increased agility and market leverage;
  4. Portfolio approaches allowing more flexibility, predictability, and partnerships with local communities;
  5. Surge of large professional owner-developers in the production ecosystem, as in the best European countries;
  6. Better sectoral resilience to national and international economic fluctuations;
  7. Improved environmental quality of projects and continuous feedback loop between development and long-term park operation;
  8. Acceleration of the growth of the nonprofit housing stock (new or used).

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