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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we sell a building or a real estate business?
We buy residential rental properties. Contact us at and discuss it with our experts to discover the advantages of selling your asset to one of our collective real estate companies.
What is affordable housing?

There are several definitions of “affordable housing”. ACHAT and its members define it as follows:

  • housing owned by a non-profit enterprise
  • housing whose rental price remains affordable in perpetuity
  • housing whose rental price is at least 20% below the market price
  • housing whose affordability index increases over time (rental prices increase less rapidly than market prices)

The terms ”social housing” and “community housing” essentially both refer to affordability in perpetuity (with or without specific services for tenants).

Is there housing available at the moment?
Individual members should be contacted to verify availability of housing.
Where can I find help for tenants?

Housing committees are at the service of tenants, find yours on the RCLALQ website.

You can also find legal help for tenants via Legal Clinics, Novum or Juripop.

Is my organization eligible for Élan by ACHAT?

Any nonprofit organization (NPO, cooperative, housing authority, or other semi-public entity) wishing to adopt strategies for continuous volume development and operation of housing could potentially benefit from Élan by ACHAT. Priority is currently given to members of ACHAT.

When did the Élan by ACHAT project start?

Élan by ACHAT began its activities in 2024, while the ACHAT community of practice has existed since 2017.

What is meant by continuous volume development and operation of nonprofit housing?

Any nonprofit organization wishing to become an owner-developer of social and affordable housing and aiming to develop a certain number of projects year after year to meet the needs of the target population in its mission.

What is meant by “generational pact” and “legacy to future generations”?

The term “generational pact” means maximizing the impact of each dollar (public and private) invested today in the development of the nonprofit housing stock through the principle of “equity rotation,” i.e., the continuous reuse of new real estate assets as financing levers. The application of this basic principle in real estate finance is necessary to achieve greater capacity of nonprofit housing production.

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